One Man Level Ladder Deer Hunting Stand

The One Man Level Ladder Stand Story

I'm Steve Trickle. I'm a deer hunter just like yourself.

After putting up and taking down over twelve ladder stands a year with my neighbor, I felt there had to be an easier way to set up a ladder tree stand. And more importantly, a SAFER way. So I created the One Man Level Ladder Stand to address two problems: needing two people to set up a stand, and setting up on uneven ground.

To set up the One Man Level Ladder Stand (patent pending), position the stand and turn the screw jacks to level. Lay out the assembled ladder stand 3-4 feet from tree. Slide ladder stand onto One Man Level Ladder Stand and pin to the ground with supplied pins. The One Man Level Ladder Stand makes it easy for ONE person to set up and take down even a double man ladder stand. Being abe to do it alone leaves less impact on the land and allows you to keep your favorite spots secret.

The twelve inches of leveling screw jacks are built into the legs which makes it possible to set up in any spot, level or not.

A level stand is SECURE and does not creak and pop as you climb or move around. One Man Level Ladder Stand is made to fit all square and round tube metal ladder stands.

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